Mortgage Rates in Line With 2017 Lows
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by Trevor Sines

Mortgage rates moved lower for 3rd straight day (and the 5th time in the past 6 days).  That makes this the best winning streak of the year and it brings rates to the lowest levels of the year (matching February 8th and a few days in early January).  From here, you’d have to go back to mid-November 2016 to see appreciably lower rates.

All that having been said, the range over that time has been fairly narrow–4.125%-4.375% for top tier conventional 30yr fixed rate quotes.  Naturally, today’s average lender is at 4.125% although some of the more aggressive lenders are indeed down to 4.0%.  No matter the rate quoted, the important point is that today’s rates are noticeably lower than yesterday’s.  Even if the NOTE rate is the same, the upfront costs should be lower (thus making for a lower EFFECTIVE rate).

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