Mortgage Rates Hold Steady at 17-Month Highs
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by Trevor Sines

Mortgage rates called in sick today, effectively doing nothing to move higher or lower from last Friday, on average.  For the record, that means some lenders will have improved just slightly while others are in slightly worse shape.  In all cases, the movement is relatively small.  Average rates remain at the highest levels since July 2015 with 4.125% being the most prevalent conventional 30yr fixed quote on top tier scenarios.

It continues to be the case that the financial world must wait for one of two things before rates have a chance of moving back into the mid 3’s.  We’d either need to see some big shock or we’ll simply have to wait for clarity on Trump’s policy path.  If you’re not sure why I’m talking about Trump’s policy path with respect to mortgage rates, these three articles contain the relevant recaps

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