Are You Searching for the Term Mortgage Lender Troy MI?
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Are You Searching for the Term “mortgage lender troy mi?”

Mortgage Lender Troy MI (248) 674-6450There are hundreds of people that type the search term “mortgage lender troy mi” into the search engines when looking for the best mortgage rates to refinance or purchase a home in Troy. Financing a home in today’s market can be a cumbersome process which makes it absolutely imperative that you work with a quality mortgage broker.

Several mortgage companies have gone out of business in the last couple years so there aren’t nearly as many licensed mortgage lenders to choose from. This smaller selection of lenders can be both a blessing and a curse for an existing homeowner looking to refinance or the first time home buyer purchasing their first home.

While most mortgage lenders typically work with the same mortgage products and rate sheets, that doesn’t mean that every lender is the same. As mentioned before, the process for completing a mortgage loan in today’s market is more difficult than it was in years past.

3 Steps to Finding a Good Mortgage Lender Troy MI

That’s why finding the right lender for your situation is very important. The following three steps will help to ensure that you choose the right mortgage lender for your financing needs.

Step 1 – Do a little research online and read the reviews for the mortgage lenders you’re considering. Choose the mortgage company that you fe

el has the best reviews. Some lenders make up fake reviews so make sure to read them with that in mind as you should be able to determine which are real and which are fake.

Step 2 – Check the mortgage lender out with the Better Business Bureau. There is no reason for the Mortgage Company not to have at least an A- rating with the BBB and they also shouldn’t have any open complaints…if they do find another Troy mortgage lender.

Step 3 – Contact the mortgage lender(s) of your choice and find out if they are fully licensed in the state of Michigan, and also, if their office is located near your home or at least in your county.

Once you find a mortgage lender you can work with, you’ll need to get the pre-qualification process started. This means you’ll need to gather a ton of paperwork documenting your income and assets along with having your credit report pulled.

When a mortgage lender pulls your credit report, your scores, along with the income documentation you supply, will determine you ability to finance a home. Each time you have your credit report pulled, and inquiry shows up on the report and if you have a lot of inquiries, your score can go down.

However, the credit bureaus give you an opportunity to shop around for financing on larger transactions like mortgages and car loans without penalizing you. So what they do is allow you to have up to six credit inquiries within a 14 day period and the inquiries will only count as one. This gives you plenty of time to shop your mortgage loan around.

Michigan Mortgage Solutions is a great mortgage company that will show up in the search engines when you search “mortgage lender troy mi” and they have several reviews along with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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