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by Trevor Sines

How Can Michigan Mortgage Solutions Help You?

Michigan Mortgage Solutions was created to serve as resource for future and current homeowners to use in order to get educated about their finances and make better mortgage financing decisions. We’ve assembled a team of experts in order to better meet the needs of our visitors and together we have over 30 years experience in mortgage lending, real estate, debt elimination, loss mitigation, and credit restoration.

Our goal is to let our combined experience work for you to help you make the best decisions moving forward when it comes to your mortgage financing needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time home buyer looking to purchase your first Michigan home, or if you’re a homeowner looking to refinance your home and take advantage of the low interest rates available, we can help you.

Our business is mainly based on referrals and that’s why it’s important for us to earn your trust and we do that by placing your needs first. Michigan Mortgage Solutions wants you to be 100% satisfied that we obtained the most suitable mortgage financing available for your situation.

We don’t offer any super duper whiz bang loan programs, no magic loans, no magic rates, and no hidden fees! In fact we have a free video series dedicated to explaining the fees associated with a Michigan mortgage making everything extremely easy to understand. Make sure to get our latest videos by joining our email list and you’ll get an email update as soon as we release the video.

What Makes Michigan Mortgage Solutions Different Than Other Michigan Mortgage Brokers?

The truth about Mortgage loans is that the number of direct Michigan mortgage lenders is dwindling to the point where now there are less than 30% of the mortgage brokers there were in 2008! With the smaller supply of Lenders and Brokers along with the elimination of several specialty loan programs. we now all have access to the exact same loans.

The difference between lenders comes down to the service they provide and how much or how little they are willing to work for. Lenders can be compensated in a number of ways. Regardless of how they are compensated ultimately the borrower is the one that is compensating the Loan Officer. The Higher the rate the less money you will need to compensate the loan officer. The lower the rate the more money you will need to compensate the loan officer. Nobody works for free but nobody deserves to rip you off either!

Michigan Mortgage Solutions Promise to You…

Michigan Mortgage Solutions promises to educate you on the options you have, so that you can make an informed decision about the mortgage loan you select to finance your home. We will do everything we can to obtain the best available financing based on your needs.

We truly believe that the best part of our job is helping people navigate the home buying process because we can help them start with the best foundation for their financial future. If you have any Michigan mortgage topics that you would like us to focus on please leave a comment below or contact Michigan Mortgage Solutions directly.

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