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Everything You Must Know About Michigan FHA Home Loans

Michigan FHA Home loans offer some unique advantages for prospective home purchasers looking to apply. Like conventional loans, FHA insured loans offer attractive fixed rates for 10, 15, 20 and 30 year terms. Unlike their conventional counterparts, FHA home loans are insured by HUD. This insurance is funded by borrower paid premiums that are collected on every FHA loan. This premium is partially financed (included in the borrower’s mortgage amount) when a new FHA mortgage is originated, and partially collected as an annual premium that is paid monthly in the borrower’s home payment.

Important Requirements for Michigan FHA Home Loans

An FHA insured home loan will  allow purchasers to buy a primary residence with a low 3.5% down payment. While FHA guidelines do not have an explicit “minimum” credit score requirement, most FHA lenders in Michigan require that the credit score be at least 600 when they apply. Compared to a conventional home loan with a similar down payment, these credit requirements are quite lenient. In fact, a borrower with a credit scores less than 680 will generally find FHA financing as their best option for a home loan.

Other unique highlights of FHA loans in Michigan include:

Shorter waiting period for eligibility after a significant negative credit event such as a bankruptcy (2 years) or foreclosure (3 years). With the effects of the recession still lingering, this is an important feature, as it can allow someone who, perhaps, lost a home during the downturn to re-enter the home ownership ranks  and apply sooner. However, there will still be a minimum credit score requirement so it is essential that the score has recovered from the negative credit event.

Down payment can be 100% gifted. None of the monies used for down payment or other transaction costs have to be the borrower’s own funds. This allows a prospective borrower to have little or no savings and still be eligible to purchase a home if they have a family member willing to give them the funds needed to close. To apply simply click the button below;

Non-occupant co-borrowers can be added to help qualify. Michigan FHA loans allow the addition of a non-occupant co-borrower to offset a primary borrower’s non-qualifying debt ratios. In other words, if an otherwise eligible borrower doesn’t qualify due to excessive debt obligations or insufficient income, a non-occupant co borrower can be added to the transaction to supply additional monthly income for qualifying.

FHA loans are assumable. This may turn out to be the best feature of them all. With historically low interest rates, using an FHA loan to finance your home purchase may become a future selling feature. FHA loans can be assumed, in other words, a future purchaser can “take over” the existing mortgage obligation from a seller. With rates in the low 4% range, it isn’t hard to imagine a future marketplace with markedly higher rates and would-be purchasers competing for a house that offered a low rate FHA loan to assume.

As one of several FHA lenders in Michigan, we would love to help you apply for your FHA financing. We have over 20 years of mortgage lending experience and Michigan Mortgage Solutions is fully licensed to originate FHA loans in Michigan. We look forward to earning your business and helping you with any mortgage needs you may have. To apply simply click the button below;

Accurate Mortgage Payment Calculations on The Go
Our mortgage app allows borrowers to calculate mortgage payments using up to date mortgage rates as well as accurate mortgage insurance premiums based on product and credit score

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Most mortgage calculators force users to input unknown data like mortgage rates or mortgage insurance. Without the correct data these calculations become worthless. Our app populates this data for the user based on up to date mortgage rates and accurate mortgage insurance quotes based on loan product and credit score.

Buit-in convenience within the admin area

The app has a really cool admin area that allows you to securely scan and send important mortgage documents right from your phone. No need for a fax machine or a scanner when our app will do the job.

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Our mortgage app can be installed by simply entering your mobile number and opening a text. Once installed, you’ll have full access to the app and be able to perform unlimited mortgage calculations for any available mortgage product. This allows you to accurately compare different mortgage products on the go.

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You can review any of your previous mortgage calculations from within the app. This makes it easier to compare different mortgage programs as well as other loan parameters. This can save you from running the same numbers over and over again.

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  • Tracie Vandermeulen
    January 6, 2012

    Wow you really are a wealth of information!!!

  • Tracie Vandermeulen
    January 7, 2012

    Sounds like a great option for those who have filed bankruptcy recently. I didn’t know this was out there.

  • Kristy
    January 7, 2012

    I’ve always wondered what an FHA loan really was – thanks!

  • Kristy
    January 25, 2012

    Is it possible to refinance an FHA loan or does that make it more difficult?

  • Trevor Sines
    January 25, 2012

    You can definately refi an FHA loan and often times you won’t need to do an appraisal. You can get a great low fixed rate but the issue becomes the monthly mortgage insurance premium that is charged when you refinance. As rates have gone down, FHA has incrementally increased the monthly mortgage insurance premium required from .55% to 1.15%. This increase has pretty much eliminated the monthly savings that would have been achieved by lowering the rate with an FHA streamlined refinance. Thanks Uncle Sam!

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