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Michigan FHA Loan Guidelines For Income & Debt Ratio

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Income and debt ratios take on a sizable part in securing a Michigan FHA Loan. This happens to be the third video in a set of four covering the Michigan FHA home mortgage requirements. This particular brief video recording discusses the income and debt ratio requirements with respect to the Michigan FHA loan as compared with some other financing methods. Some of the vital aspects regarding Michigan FHA financing is the fact that debt ratios may be embellished to over and above 50 percent as well as a non-occupant co-borrower can possibly be added to the home mortgage so as to ensure the debt ratios acceptable.

To find out more regarding the Michigan FHA Loan guidelines people can surely watch all of the video clips here;

Part One – Michigan FHA Loan Credit Qualifications;

Part 2 – Michigan FHA Loan Down Payment Qualifications;

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Nevertheless, if you happen to have extra questions relating to Michigan first time home buyer programs, do not hesitate calling 248 674-6450 and we will do our best to address your questions promptly.

Accurate Mortgage Payment Calculations on The Go
Our mortgage app allows borrowers to calculate mortgage payments using up to date mortgage rates as well as accurate mortgage insurance premiums based on product and credit score

Designed with ease of use and accuracy in mind

Most mortgage calculators force users to input unknown data like mortgage rates or mortgage insurance. Without the correct data these calculations become worthless. Our app populates this data for the user based on up to date mortgage rates and accurate mortgage insurance quotes based on loan product and credit score.

Buit-in convenience within the admin area

The app has a really cool admin area that allows you to securely scan and send important mortgage documents right from your phone. No need for a fax machine or a scanner when our app will do the job.

Install on your phone for easy access 24/7

Our mortgage app can be installed by simply entering your mobile number and opening a text. Once installed, you’ll have full access to the app and be able to perform unlimited mortgage calculations for any available mortgage product. This allows you to accurately compare different mortgage products on the go.

All mortgage calculations are saved

You can review any of your previous mortgage calculations from within the app. This makes it easier to compare different mortgage programs as well as other loan parameters. This can save you from running the same numbers over and over again.

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