First Time Home Buyer in Michigan 2018

Find The Best Michigan First Time Home Buyer Programs! Buy Your First Home With Zero Down Payment Today!

First Time Home Buyer Michigan
If you're a first time home buyer, go see Jason and his team over at MICHIGAN MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS! I didn't know the first thing about buying a house, so I went to YouTube to see what incentives or programs I could find for FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS in Michigan. Luckily I came across Jason's video series and decided to give him a call. I was setup to work with Pete as my mortgage loan officer. What a guy! Pete was awesome with keeping me updated on each step as we progressed and he even showed up at my closing to congratulate me! When it came to the fine details with underwriting, Trevor stepped in and took control. Talk about detailed! The best part of working with this team were the property worksheets they provide. If there was a house my wife and I were going to see, I would text the address to Pete and he would create a worksheet for me that made sense. By numbers I mean CASH TO CLOSE and MONTHLY MORTGAGE PAYMENT. Having these numbers at my disposal made it easier to weed out the houses I couldn't afford and made the houses we liked seem more realistic to purchase. Thank you Pete for sticking by my side from start to finish!
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