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Tips For Finding The Best Michigan Mortgage Lender

Finding the very best Michigan mortgage lender for your requirements is crucial as a home loan is usually your greatest financial investment. Most of the times, you'll wish to work with a lender that is an expert in Michigan home mortgage requirements. There are numerous factors in determining the very best Michigan mortgage lender however we're going to focus on the 3 essential ones.

First, if you don't already have a lender in mind, you'll wish to get recommendations from friend and family. There's a good chance that somebody you know has just recently refinanced or purchased a home and had a favorable outcome. If so, begin by getting the name of the lender as well as the business they work for.

Second, now that you have a name it's time to do a little research. I like to start with the Better Business Bureau and search the home mortgage business name. When you find the business you'll wish to pay attention to their grade, the length of time they have been associated with the BBB, as well as how many complaints they have as well as if these complaints were managed and closed.

Complaints take place and as long as they have actually been properly taken care of they shouldn't warrant a red flag. However, any business that has over 20 complaints in the last year need to be extremely inspected prior to opting to work with them. Also, if they have actually just been with the BBB for a short period of time you might wish to ask regarding why.

The 3rd and final step is to read the remarks that are posted by the customers of the lender. This is rather basic and can be done using Google. All you have to do is type in the home mortgage business name and include the word "reviews". If you were investigating our business, Michigan Mortgage Solutions you would type "Michigan Mortgage Solutions reviews" in the Google search portal.

This inquiry will display all of the online directories of which the home mortgage business has reviews. Personally, I prefer reviews from Google or YELP as they utilize a pretty conservative "review filter" that eliminates artificial reviews. In fact, YELP's filter is so strong that a lot of genuine reviews still get filtered out and if you wish to review them you have to click a little link under the reviews called "Filtered" and then complete a capcha code.

After reviewing the client statements you ought to be able to identify if you've discovered the very best Michigan mortgage lender.

best michigan mortgage lender
Accurate Mortgage Payment Calculations on The Go
Our mortgage app allows borrowers to calculate mortgage payments using up to date mortgage rates as well as accurate mortgage insurance premiums based on product and credit score

Designed with ease of use and accuracy in mind

Most mortgage calculators force users to input unknown data like mortgage rates or mortgage insurance. Without the correct data these calculations become worthless. Our app populates this data for the user based on up to date mortgage rates and accurate mortgage insurance quotes based on loan product and credit score.

Buit-in convenience within the admin area

The app has a really cool admin area that allows you to securely scan and send important mortgage documents right from your phone. No need for a fax machine or a scanner when our app will do the job.

Install on your phone for easy access 24/7

Our mortgage app can be installed by simply entering your mobile number and opening a text. Once installed, you'll have full access to the app and be able to perform unlimited mortgage calculations for any available mortgage product. This allows you to accurately compare different mortgage products on the go.

All mortgage calculations are saved

You can review any of your previous mortgage calculations from within the app. This makes it easier to compare different mortgage programs as well as other loan parameters. This can save you from running the same numbers over and over again.

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